Wealth Management


ARODE offers high-quality, fully personalized management, based on solid experience in the financial markets, complete transparency as part of an open architecture model and is sheltered from potential conflicts of interest.


The open architecture model allows ARODE to accompany the Clients in his choices and his banking experience. It also offers the client new investment opportunities, either through investment vehicles or direct investment through ARODE’s business partners and high value network.


Once a client’s risk profile is defined, from Capital Preservation to a more aggressive investment approach, ARODE uses sophisticated risk management tools, like valuation and volatility-limitation, to achieve the best Performance while respecting the client’s risk profile.


Discretionary Mandate: TheClient mandates ARODE to make all investment decisions with respect to his or her risk and strategy profile.

Advisory Mandate: ARODE provides investment advice, however, the Client makes the final investment decisions and maintains responsibility of such decisions.

Allocation strategy: On the basis of dedicated strategic allocations, a “bottom up” approach, which takes into account both a fundamental micro-economic analysis of companies and a relevant investment fund selection, is then applied in order to build model portfolios for each risk profile and reference currency.

Performance: ARODE believes in a mid to long term approach to evaluate a portfolio’s performance. Performance is a key component of client expectations, but not to the detriment of a diligent and measured risk strategy.

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